JWC is Canada’s 38th ACMPR Licensed Producer!

Kitchener, ON – We are excited to announce that James E Wagner Cultivation LTD received a License to Produce Medical Cannabis from Health Canada on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017. This makes JWC the first ACMPR Licensee in 2017, and the 38th Licensed Producer in Canada. We are proud to be the first LP in Waterloo Region, as we are a family owned and operated business with deep roots here.  We are excited for the opportunity to bring a fresh take to the Canadian cannabis industry.

JWC started out as a family-based collective of growers and patients under the MMAR. During this time, we perfected our growing practices, eventually settling on a proprietary aeroponic technique. Our patent-pending cultivation system allows for an unprecedented degree of control, allowing us to maximize the plant’s potential at every stage of the growth process. This results in a clean, consistent product which we are excited to share with the patients of Canada. We are looking forward to proving our techniques in our custom-built facility in Kitchener, ON.

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We welcome any further inquiries. Please contact: media@jwcmed.com