Cultivation Method Comparison

Although many methods are used to produce Cannabis under the ACMPR, it is important to note that these methods will result in a variety of different outcomes. Because of the differences in the characteristics of the growth system, it is important for patients and potential patients to become familiar with some of these differences. Only by being familiar with some of the nuances of Cannabis production will patients be able to choose the product that is right for them!

Cultivation MethodAeroponicsGreenhouseSoilHydroponics
Crops are protected from outside contamination
Avoids the use of potential contaminants in the growth process
Offers increased control over plant growth compared to food crop methods
Eliminates reliance on seasonally available conditions
Lower level of nutrient usage as compared to traditional cultivation techniques
Offers a reduction in labour costs over traditional cultivation techniques
Allows precise control over nutrient administration and exposure
Provides a means to assess total plant health including root zone
Allows for the ongoing assessment of nutrient usage as a plant health metric
Allows for a balanced mix of water and air at the root zone