Q: Where are shares of James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation traded?
A: Shares of James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “JWCA”.
Q: Can shares of JWC be purchased direct from the company?
A: No, shares cannot be purchased directly from JWC.
Q: How can I update my address, transfer my shares, request to receive shareholder documentation or replace a lost share certificate?
A: Steven Nguyen
Senior Relationship Manager, Client Management | TSX Trust Company
T: 416-607-7926 F: 416-361-0470
301 - 100 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 4H1
Q: I have a question about James E. Wagner Cultivation, who do I contact?
A: Contact JWC’s investor relations by emailing investors@jwc.ca
Q: What are JWC’s fiscal year end? When do fiscal quarters end?
A: James E. Wagner Cultivation’s fiscal year ends September 30. JWC’s quarter ends are; Q1 December 31, Q2 March 31, Q3 June 30 and Q4 September 30.