Why JWC?

Although many methods are used to produce cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), many of these methods will result in a variety of different outcomes. It is important for patients, and potential patients, to become familiar with the differences in the characteristics of the growth system used. Only by being familiar with some of the nuances of cannabis production will patients be able to choose the product that is right for them.

JWC GrowthStorm™ Cultivation Platform

Aeroponics is a plant-cultivation technique in which the roots hang suspended in the air while nutrient solution is delivered in the form of a fine mist.
JWC's proprietary growing methodology is based on aeroponic technology originally developed by NASA.
JWC's GrowthStorm™ cultivation platform offers increased control over growing conditions and superior plant health and yield.


  • JWC staff perform numerous visual inspections throughout the growing process, including during packing. Furthermore, all JWC products are submitted to a third-party laboratory for testing of any possible contaminants ranging from bacteria to mold.
  • A fully-aeroponic cultivation platform creates the ideal environment for healthy root development and plant growth, without the need for substrates, radiation or cold pasteurization.
  • Plants are grown in a soil-free environment which is also free from insect and disease threats.


  • JWC GrowthStorm™ Management facilitates automatic data collection and monitoring along with real-time production analytics that results in a precise management of nutrients at the roots to achieve high yields in quality plants.
  • JWC has an exclusive research partnership with Price Industries with a deliverable of the industry's only horticultural environmental control unit to provide independent humidity and temperature control that results in consistent optimal growing conditions.
  • JWC's patent pending Tempest is a fast, accurate and overall efficient solution for machine-assisted hand-trimming that maintains the Trichome count of the bud which provides terpene, THC and CBD consistency.